08.11.15 | panoramic double rainbow

08.11.15 | panoramic double rainbow

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08.11.15 | panoramic double rainbowPost 953: 223/365

It’s king of hard to see the second rainbow, but trust me, it’s there. Oh, and there was also lightning that reflected off the pond right after I took this photo. I’m SO mad I missed it!

3 Replies to “08.11.15 | panoramic double rainbow”

  1. I can see a little of it in your header photo. Even just the one rainbow is a beautiful one. I have only seen 3 rainbows that I can ever remember. The 3rd one being just a few weeks ago, but by the time I got to see it, it was just a little section of it and it was fading fast. Some day I will see a beautiful one like yours; rainbow end to end with beautiful virbrant color. And maybe I will even find that pot of gold at the end 😉 Awesome photo.

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