09.06.15 | gearing upPost 979: 249/365

You know it’s almost Christmas when Costco has re-stocked their toy section. What? It’s only September? Sigh. WHY do they do this?! I guess it’s a good lesson in patience since all I do is tell my kids I’ll take a photo so they can remember to add things to their list for Santa once it’s ACTUALLY time to think about the holidays.

2 Replies to “09.06.15 | gearing up”

  1. I am glad my kids are older in that regards. But then again, I miss shopping at the toy stores. The “toys” are much more expensive now that they are older. I have to go into a toy store every once in a while just to look at Lagos and Disney toys to see what’s new ;). Stopped in one yesterday and saw that they had a small “Elves” Lego set. I will have to look more into those ;). Love the picture of all the Princesses.

    1. It is strange for me that my son is getting to the age where he no longer wants toys. It’s been so much a part of his life for so many years and now he’s growing up. One day my daughter will reach that stage too, but for now she is deeeeeep into the toy-loving phase. Very deep.

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