09.15.15 | food "paintings"Post 988: 258/365

When my son was little he loved watching a DVD we had called “Elmo’s Magic Cookbook.” I just introduced that DVD to my daughter last weekend and now it’s her top request. One of her favorite parts is at the end during the credits where images of various Sesame Street characters made out of different foods are shown behind the scrolling words. Elmo is made out of strawberries, Zoe is made out of noodles, Cookie Monster is made out of blue cheerios, etc. It has inspired her to make designs out of her food for dinner for the past few nights. She tells me her ideas and we work together to lay them out on the plate. Last night it was dinosaurs made from grilled cheese sandwiches, olives, and noodles. Tonight it’s sheep made from chicken nuggets, rice and olives, with a nugget sun, a cheese fence and an apple tree. 🙂

4 Replies to “09.15.15 | food “paintings””

      1. Have you made the octopus out of a hot dog? I can’t remember the book we had with those cute food ideas in them…you can probably google it.

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