10.28.15 | 1979 columbia commuterPost 1,031: 301/365

A long long time ago, way back in the early 1980s, my brother had a job at a shop that baked and sold cookies. He had to get up at the crack of dawn and get to work in time to start baking for the early morning rush so he bought a used moped. This thing got him to work and back every day for a summer during high school, and then sat in our mom’s garage until around 2000 when I decided to pull it out and get it running again. I had a blast riding it around for a few months and then, once again, it sat for years and years until I finally decided it was time to get it out of my shed. I got the ok from my brother to sell it and now it’s gone. But, of course, before it was picked up by its new owner, I had to take it out and photograph it.

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