12.19.15 | she's on sale!Post 1,083: 353/365

Lately it’s been a nightmare going shopping with both of my kids. They play off of each other, running around the store being too loud, trying out all of the furniture, asking if we can buy everything in sight, etc. Tonight we stopped at Target to get some baking ingredients. As I was scanning the spices, looking for ginger, cloves, and allspice (what the heck is allspice anyway?) I heard the telltale screams of my kids fast approaching, and my daughter saying (in a way-too-loud voice) “YOU CAN BUY ME!! MOMMY! YOU CAN BUY ME!!!” Little does she know that times like this are truly priceless. I know I’ve said it before, and I know all moms probably feel this way, but man, I really hit the jackpot with my kids. They are awesome*.

* (Despite my complaints about how unruly they can be when we go shopping…)


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