01.21.16 | masked marauderPost 1,116: 21/366

I took my daughter shopping this evening to try to find footed fleecy pajamas. I was surprised by how hard they are to find at this time of year! It’s freezing outside, and all of the footed pj’s are on clearance or completely sold out. After going to three store, we finally found one pair, and had some fun playing with the accessories display while we shopped.

One Reply to “01.21.16 | masked marauder”

  1. Isn’t that such a pain that the stores are not really in tune with the weather outside? My kids were always going through a growth spurt in the middle of a season and to find new additions to their wardrobes for the season was very frustrating. Glad you were able to at least find one pair of footy pj’s. Cool mask!

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