01.29.16 | keep it localPost 1,124: 29/366

My son’s Lego League tournament is tomorrow in a town that’s about an hour away from our house. Instead of waking up early to get there on time, we decided to drive down tonight and turn it into a fun trip by spending the night at a hotel instead. It was actually really fun – just him and me for the night. We especially had a great time trying to find a place to eat dinner once we got there, and settled on the good old Countrie Eatery.

Aside from a few locals, we were the only ones there…

I’m not sure if that was a good thing since we had a lot of privacy, or a bad thing since it might indicate this is a less-than popular place. Regardless, we had a nice meal and best of all my son loved it so much he wants to come back the next time we drive down to the beach house.

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