03.01.16 | not my favoritePost 1,156: 61/366

I still haven’t found my knitting mojo, but I did finally finish another project. Unfortunately I really did not enjoy knitting this…

I enjoyed the body and the arms, but hated the yoke. The pattern calls for multi-colored stripes in the garter stitch section and I initially was doing the stripe sequence as it is in the pattern. I got about halfway through it and decided to start weaving in the millions of ends (FYI: I really don’t enjoy weaving in ends so it was kind of torture.) Add to that it was making the fabric really thick on the side where I was weaving them in and I just really didn’t like how it looked. So I ripped everything out down to the first stripe (the green chest stripe) and started knitting it in only white. The problem was I didn’t remember which needle size I used and didn’t like how loose it was coming out. So I ripped again down to the stripe and started over. Then it was too tight and I just decided to switch needles mid yoke since I didn’t want to rip back again and re-knit. Then I got halfway through the yoke again and thought it looked lumpy and strange and too different from the tighter rows where I had used the wrong needle size. I considered ripping out again down to the green stripe and knitting the yoke in stockinette but at that point I was so sick of it I just kept going and got it done.

That said, I did really enjoy the bottom portion, and I love the fit of it. I also learned something new that I had never done before – bottom-up yoke style / attaching the sleeves and kitchenering under the arms – so it wasn’t all bad.

And I kind of love the top button.



2 Replies to “03.01.16 | not my favorite +”

  1. Well it turned out beautifully! I also love the top button and the second button and would like to see the other buttons closer up. A lot of work went into this!

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