04.07.16 | double complete rainbow

04.07.16 | double complete rainbow

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04.07.16 | double complete rainbowPost 1,193: 98/366

It was raining pretty hard when I picked up my daughter from school after work, but I could see some blue sky starting to peek through off to the west towards where the sun was starting to set. It was the PERFECT recipe for an amazing rainbow! The colors in this photo do not even come close to how intense they actually were. The left-hand base of the inner rainbow was brighter than any rainbow I’ve ever seen. It was incredible!

2 Replies to “04.07.16 | double complete rainbow”

  1. Amazing photo! I have only seen 2 rainbows in my adult life! I long to see beautiful rainbows. I guess I have to start going outside after the rain. That’s a goal for this summer. Your photo is so awesome and the colors are magnificent. I can only imagine what they must have looked like in person.

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