05.26.16 | sad to see them goPost 1,242: 147/366

I sold these shoes today. They were my “gateway drug” into my obsession with Matilda Jane clothes.

Let me explain.

I am in a few “buy-sell-trade” groups on Facebook where people list used Tea Collection clothes for sale. I love Tea Collection clothes so I was trying to get some good deals and sell a few things that no longer fit my kids. I noticed a lot of the little girls in the photos people were posting had on these adorable shoes with birds on them but I didn’t know what they were called. That didn’t last long. I googled “bird shoes for girls” or something like that, and quickly found these. So, of course, I then joined a few shoe-specific “buy-sell-trade” groups on Facebook to continue trying to get some good deals. Not long after joining these groups I noticed a lot of people posting photos of their daughters wearing Matilda Jane clothing. It seemed almost like a uniform because so many people paired these shoes with Matilda Jane. So what did I do next? Yep, I joined a TON of “buy-sell-trade” groups for Matilda Jane clothes to try to find good deals. Have I found deals? Yes! But trust me, it is VERY hard to just buy one or two things without wanting to buy more.

And it’s all because of these shoes… well, actually, I guess it’s all because of Tea Collection BST groups because that’s where it all started. My daughter doesn’t fit in these any more, and she already has 3 new pair in her size, and will most certainly have more once she outgrows those. But it’s still kind of hard to see these go. They were VERY well loved.

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