07.03.16 | freshly madePost 1,280: 185/366

I made another dress for my daughter today with fabric salvaged from a women’s size 16  dress purchased at Goodwill. It’s my first time making a collar and, despite how fussy it was to turn the bodice right-side out, I am in LOVE with how this turned out. The pattern is The Peter Pan Collar Dress with Extra Full Skirt by Fleur and Dot. I didn’t have enough fabric to do the sleeves so I left it sleeveless. I also modified the skirt part slightly to account for the fact that I was using already-been-sewn-together fabric that was slightly tapered. The best part, aside from the adorable collar that I’m super proud of and the fact that it actually fits perfectly, are the covered buttons – a perk of using a factory-made dress from Goodwill as my starting point. The WORST part was ripping all of the seams of the original dress to get the fabric. Ugh.

07.03.16 07.03.16






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