01.01.17 | happy new yearPost 1,462: 1/365

I have been maintaining this blog for 4 years. I’ve posted 1,460 photos (1,461 including today.) I’ve fallen behind many times, and have questioned whether or not I wanted to continue. Despite these setbacks, and because of the fact that this blog is more of a personal archive than anything else, I am going to continue doing it for yet another year, and probably for many more after that. I’ve mentioned before how much I love going back and looking through posts from previous years, seeing how much kids are growing and changing, remembering things I’ve done and experiences I’ve had, and I really hate to see that stop. Inevitably I’m going to fall behind again in 2017, but I’ll do my best to catch up and keep going. I love this blog, and I kind of hate it too, but I more love it than hate it so it’s here to stay. 🙂




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