02.01.18 | lottie instagram takeover

02.01.18 | lottie instagram takeover

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02.01.18 | lottie instagram takeoverPost 1,493: Day 32/365

My daughter has a bunch of dolls that she calls her “normal dolls” because they look like little girls like her. She got her first one for her birthday two years ago and has slowly started accumulating more. This week, she and I were selected as the Lottie Dolls Instagram Takeover hosts. From today through next Wednesday, I will be posting photos on the Lottie Dolls Instagram account to showcase Lottie and her many friend’s adventures and show everyone some of the fun ways she plays with them. We would love for you to follow along with us! Just follow @lottie_dolls on Instagram to see the photos each day. And as an added bonus, if you’d like to start your own Lottie doll collection you can use the code JULIE20 for 20% off in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland through February 7th! Check out their website at www.lottie.com



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