02.08.18 | strawberry and birdsPost 1,500: Day 39/365

I am so thankful the day has not yet come when my daughter objects to the things I pick out for her to wear. Although I have a feeling I will be saving some money once she does finally reach that point.

2 Replies to “02.08.18 | strawberries and birds”

  1. I don’t even know how she lets you get away with it. Sonya has had an opinion… always. Previously, her opinions were simply because she could have one. But lately I’m starting to understand there are certain styles that she simply rejects – all dresses/skirts (except her beloved Patriots dress), all peplums, empire waists, drop waists, or any other break in the fabric, and certain appliques if they are itchy on the inside of the shirt.

    1. She never really has an opinion about clothes. I can count on one hand the number of times she’s had an opinion. 😀 I think some kids are more picky than others? I know another girl who doesn’t like tight things around her waist so her mom has to carefully curate her wardrobe to make sure she’s avoiding things that are too “grabby.”

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