03.24.18 | a very unfortunate 15 point penalty

03.24.18 | a very unfortunate 15 point penalty +

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03.24.18 | a very unfortunate 15 point penalty03.24.18Post 1,544: Day 83/365

This is my son’s 7th year participating in Odyssey of the Mind and it’s my 3rd year coaching his team. The first year I coached, the team did not do so well. Their vehicle failed and they scored very low. The second year – last year – they tied for 5th place in the regionals, but were still able to move on to the state finals since they accepted the top five teams. They pulled out a tie for second place in states last year which got them a ticket to World Finals at Michigan State University last May. Since I fell so far behind in my blog posts last year I never got around to posting ANY of this which I’m really kind of bummed about since the whole experience was so much fun.

Today they competed in the State Finals. Since they had a taste of what it’s like to attend World Finals last year, they had their eyes on the prize and were hoping to make it again like they did last year. They had everything going for them. They had a great skit, great costumes, they met all the requirements of the problem, you name it, they were prepared… except for one thing… Due to a very unfortunate mis-alignment of the backdrop as they were getting ready to start the performance, the team sign (which is a requirement) was facing the wrong way!

Sitting in that VIP Coach chair I saw it IMMEDIATELY! But I was unable to do anything about it since there is a “no outside assistance” rule which meant they had to figure out how to solve the problem on their own.

But despite the fact that they ended up in a tie for 5th place and didn’t come home with a medal today, I am so incredibly proud of this team. If not for the bummer 15 point penalty caused by a prop snafu, they would have come in second place and moved on to World Finals again. I’m proud of their teamwork, their incredibly creative skit, the dedication to our weekly (and sometimes more often) team meetings, and the fact that they had the highest Long Term score and second highest Style score in their division. I’m sad to see the competition end, but happy that they made it this far!

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